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To generate a CSR for Plesk 7.5 follow the instructions below: 
  1. Log into Plesk and select the domain from the list.

  2. Specify a Certificate Name.

  3. The select a bit-length from the Bits menu. Select the appropriate number from the drop-down list.  The current standard is 2048.  If a level below 2048 is used the CSR will not be accepted.

  4. Select the Country from the drop-down list

  5. Specify the State or Province & Location (City).

  6. Enter the Organization and Department/Division.

  7. Enter the Domain Name.  This should be the Fully Qualified Domain Name that the certificate will be issued for.  Example

  8. Click the Request button. A private key and certificate signing request will be generated and added to the repository.

For additional infomration, please see the documentation from Plesk.

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