Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for O'Reilly WebSite Professional Server

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Generate Key Ring file


To create a CSR, do the following steps:
1. Open Server Properties (enter the Key Ring password if requested) and click "Key Ring". If this is a new Website Pro installation and you have not previously opened Server Properties, you will be prompted to create a password for the Key Ring at this time.

2. Click New Key Pair or right click in the window and select New Key Pair from the context menu. The first page of the New Key Pair Wizard appears.

3. Click Next to start building the Distinguished Name (DN), which consists of several pieces of information collected by the wizard.

4. Go through the wizard and enter all the information you will need for the CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

5. You can save the request file as a .txt file , click Next.

6. When the process is complete, the Congratulations page appears. Click Done to exit the wizard. The Key Ring page adds the certificate request to the list of certificates and trusted roots. The request is identified by the key-question mark icon.

7. Make a backup copy of the Key Ring database file, located in \WebSite\Admin\website-key.

8. Make a backup copy of the Certificate Signing Request just created by the wizard (by default, request files are located in the \WebSite\Admin directory).

9. Store the backup copies on a removable disk.

10. You can now Request your Certificate online.
These instructions were taken from the Web Site Pro manual. 

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