Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Colbalt Series

Solution ID:    SO13987    Updated:    03/01/2017


Follow these instructions to generate a CSR for your Web site. When you have completed this process, you will have a CSR ready to submit to in order to be generated into a SSL Security Certificate.

  1. Select Server Management > Security > SSL. The Certificate Information for Server Desktop screen appears along with its associated buttons.
  2. To create a new self-signed certificate, click Create Self-Signed Certificate and complete the following page by entering your relevant organizational details.
  3. Click Create Signing Request to create a certificate signing request. The Signing Request Information for Server Desktop screen appears.
  4. After the fields are filled in, activate the Generate Self-Signed Certificate checkbox. This allows you to generate a self-signed certificate along with the signing request. The self-signed certificate can be used temporarily while you wait for to process your signing request.
  5. The certificate signing request must be submitted to via the online enrollment process.

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