Installation Instructions for Mac OS X Server 10.5

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This document provides instructions for installing SSL Certificates on Mac OS X Server 10.5. If you are unable to use these instructions for your server, RapidSSL recommends that you contact either the vendor of your software or an organization that supports Apple products.


Step 1: Obtain the RapidSSL certificate and intermediate CA certificate

    1.    The RapidSSL certificate download link will be sent by email.

    2.    Download and extract the certificate zip file from the email. 

           NOTE: Click here for steps to download the RapidSSL certificate.


Step 2:  Install the RapidSSL Intermediate CA Certificate:

    1.    If the intermediate certificate was not obtained from the previous step, it can be downloaded here.
    2.    Launch the Keychain Access application (/Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access)
    3.    Click on "Show Keychains" to show the Keychain list.
    4.    Select the "System" keychain.
    5.    Select File > Import.
    6.    Navigate to and select the intermediate.crt file that you downloaded in the steps above.
    7.    Enter your password when prompted to authenticate to modify the keychain.
    8.    Verify that the RapidSSL intermediate appears in the list.
    9.    Close the Keychain Access application.

Step 3:  Install the RapidSSL certificate

    1.    Launch the Server Admin tool and connect to the server where you want to install the certificate.
           NOTE:  Ensure your have logged on as root.
2.    Highlight the server node in the SERVERS list.
    3.    Select the Certificates button from the toolbar at the top of the right pane
    4.    Select the item representing the certificate you have requested. Click the "Gear" button and then select:

           Add Signed or Renewed Certificate from Certificate Authority.


    5.    Paste the text of your certificate into the field. Be sure to include the "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----"
           and "-----END CERTIFICATE-----" header and footer lines.
    6.    Click OK.


   7.   Click the Save button.

Step 4: Assign the Certificate to your Services

           After installing your certificate as well as the intermediate CA certificate, you can assign this certificate
           to the desired services (Web, Mail, iChat, Open Directory, etc.).

    1.    In the appropriate settings pane for the desired service, select the certificate that you have just installed.
    2.    Click the Save

           The screenshot below shows the Web service being configured to use this new certificate:



Verify your installation with the RapidSSL CryptoReport.

Apple Support

           For more information, see the Apple Support Center.


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